Vote Ridder: Inclusion & Unity

Vote Eli Ridder from March 9 to 13.


IGNITE is all about bringing people together.

So am I. One of my main values that I want to bring into the director role is collaboration. I believe that internally and externally IGNITE can work even more effectively to build inclusiveness and unity on campus.

Internally, I want to build on this by reaching out and collaborating with different segments on campus such as the the LGBTQ+ Resource Centre to hold events and advocate strongly, backing our members when they are seeking change from Humber College.

Externally, I will advocate on the Board of Directors that we collaborate with other student organizations. We have allies across Ontario in our counterparts and I believe we can work together for results on behalf of students.


IGNITE rebranded in 2016 partially so that University of Guelph-Humber students could feel included under the student union’s umbrella. Beyond that, IGNITE holds events and workshops non-stop throughout the year that are open to anyone and everyone on campus.


Externally: Late last year, the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario and York U’s student union won a legal case to bring an end to the Student Choice Initiative, showing that students allied on a provincial level can advocate with results. Legal challenges might not be the way for IGNITE, but I believe that we can work with counterparts and start meaningful dialogue with the provincial government that could lead to better conditions for students here at Humber College.


As your director, I will strongly push the Board of Directors to push for bridge-building on campus and off campus through a series of resolutions. We are stronger, together.