Eli Ridder

Toronto, ON



Eli Ridder is hard-working and effective in every employment capacity. His experience in working in a variety of roles results in a well-rounded, adaptable employee.

Work Experience


Managing Editor, Vice President at The Anon Journal 

Aug 25, 2017 to Present

Manage a staff of 20+ people as the editor in charge of the press division which produces breaking and world news on a daily basis. Designed and will soon manage a website where all stories will be produced.


Independent Correspondent

Sept 2016 to Present

Independent freelancing for several publications including, but not limited to, Berning Media Network, 71 Republic, The War Files and The Anon Journal.

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Editor-in-Chief at UBC

April to June 2017

Managed a staff of some 20 volunteer writers, and wrote over 400 articles. Was a board member as equal status with four others in running the joint organization.

Designed and managed a website where all stories were produced.

CEO/Editor-in-Chief at Atlas News

Jan to Mar 2017

Managed a staff of over 30 writers, analysts and graphic reporters, and wrote over 500 articles as the central organization leader.

Gained social media experience and brought AN several thousand more followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to some 50,000.

Designed and managed a website where all stories were produced.

Editor-in-Chief at The New Union

Sept to Dec 2016, June to Aug 2017

My first news organization project was successful on its initial launch, but I soon transitioned to Atlas News to work with a more experienced and growing team.

I returned to The New Union in 2017 after UBC, and got it launched again. It is currently maintained by new staff as I take a step away from the Instagram-based project.

Public Relations

PR/ Communications Specialist Intern at The Goodie Bag

Aug 20, 2017 to Present

Peter Coutlas, Canadian entrepreneur and millionaire investor, is guiding me as a public relations and communications intern at his company, The Goodie Bag.


Factory/Warehouse Worker

From April to Aug 2017, I worked at the following factories and warehouses as a temporary hire:

Polycon Magna


Linamar LPP

Synnex Canada


Sr Coach at Onside Athletics

Summer 2015 and 2016

Led a team of children aged anywhere from 5 to 15 at a daily sports camp.

Counselor at Camp Shalom

Summer 2013 and 2014

Led a cabin of children aged anywhere from 5 to 15, and a special needs cabin of 45 and older needing 1-on-1 care.


Laurie Timms

Leadership Mentor

September 2014 to Present

1 (519) 837-8655


Guelph, ON

Peter Coutlas

PR/Communications Supervisor

August 2017 to Present