Reference contacts and letters of recommendation for Eli Ridder.

These are reference letters from editors and professors.

Doug Coxson

Former regional managing editor for my work at the Guelph Mercury Tribune until he departed Metroland in April 2020.


Reference Letter:

To whom it may concern,

When Humber Journalism student Eli Ridder offered to write for the Guelph Mercury Tribune on a volunteer basis during our early coverage of COVID-19’s impact on the community, our small newspaper’s staff was just getting used to the idea of working from home.

We were also grappling with the financial impact of the lockdown, which was just beginning to devastate our already fragile print advertising revenue. Directives to limit discretionary spending were immediate, leaving our small newsroom at a significant disadvantage.

Needless to say, Eli’s efforts were welcome during this difficulty adjustment, as was the encouragement of Humber faculty to allow anything Eli wrote as a volunteer count toward his program.

Our news team and I were impressed and delighted with this young reporter’s abilities.

As an astute and insightful observer of his community, Eli’s story pitches were reliably compelling and his approach was thoughtful and professional. Eli’s stories were well structured and sources relevant. He tirelessly sought to provide balance for his stories as the lockdown made that effort increasingly difficult.

Eli is obviously as passionate about the craft of journalism as he is about his community.

I am confident he will excel in any role that comes his way.


Doug Coxson

Former managing editor, Guelph Mercury Tribune