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Return of publication

When the Guelph Mercury breathed its final, gasping gulps for air before slipping into the waves of history, Guelph was up-in-arms. We were enraged and engaged, ready to stand up for the importance of media. But then, where did it go? To admit, I myself was caught up in defending the cornerstone to democracy, the […]


Will it start in the Middle East?

  The Middle East crisis has escalated to a breaking point where even the smallest incident could change the fate of the world. When a Russian Su-24 warplane was shot down by Turkish F-16s in the Turkey-Syria border area November 2015, the world held its breath. “The Su-24 being shot down last month gave grounds […]


City approves renovation for Guelph police headquarters

On February 2, City Hall approved a $25 890 000, exclusive of HST, proposal by Jasper Construction Corp. for the renovation of Guelph Police Service headquarters located at 15 Wyndham Street.   Out of the six tenders submitted, Jasper Construction Corp. of Concord, Ontario presented the best option. City Council allocated $34,000,000 out of the […]

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Guelph accountability threatened, editorial 

Eli Ridder, 19 The closing down of the Mercury, and local outlets across Canada, threatens our democratic society. Czech film director Milos Forman said, “the cornerstone of democracy is free press – that’s the cornerstone”. This is a fundamental principle shared by most, if not all, modern western nations around the world. Canada is known […]