Eli Ridder’s journalism experience.

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist based in the Guelph and Toronto areas. He has hundreds of articles under his belt.

Ridder is currently seeking a full-time, part time or freelance position with any media company or news agency in the Guelph, Toronto or Greater Toronto Area. Willing to relocate.

BYLINES IN: Humber Et Cetera, The Avro Post, Porter Medium,


Humber Et Cetera: Ontario announces $1M for mental health

The Avro Post: Exclusive–Guelph-Humber not moving

Guelph Politico: Student Allies Mark Win Over Province


Adam A. Donaldson
Guelph Politico
Editor from November 2018 to Present
Assigns and approves stories

Grant Benson
Managing Editor from October 2018 to Present
Assigns, edits, shares and approves stories

All Experience

Editor-in-Chief, Founder
The Avro Post (October ’17 to Present)
– Lead editorial board of TAP, led team of 10+ student journalists
– Thousands of views during Ontario college union strike, major source of information for University of Guelph-Humber students
– Carried out investigative journalism
For samples of work, click here.

Guelph Politico (November ’18 to Present)
– Carries out stories