A brief breakdown of the Vote Ridder Real Action Platform.

At this time, I am not in a campaign season, however, if you are signing or thinking of signing my nomination package, this private page is for you.



Open up Board of Directors meetings.
Last year, the Board voted to close off meetings where major decisions are made about your money. I will propose a motion and vote to open them up again.

Find a way to bring a bar back to campus.
It shouldn’t be so hard to have an establishment serving alcohol on campus. If there is a way we can bring it back and make a profit for the student union, let’s look into that.

Release a line-by-line budget.
As your director, I will make it a priority that, for the first time in IGNITE history, you get a detailed breakdown of where your money is going.

Collaborate with other student organizations.
We aren’t alone. In a province seemingly more hostile to students than ever before, there are allies who have accomplished great things for students together, such as this.

A more accessible college is a priority.
Accessibility is critical. We should build on the work done by the previous administration towards improving accessibility on campus.