Statement on Bell Comments

Candidate talks about Eli Ridder during live stream on Instagram.

March 13, 2020

Late on Thursday evening, Board of Directors candidate Damen Bell said in a post to his Instagram Story that I “really bash IGNITE” and that electing me would “make my life hell”.

I believe that it is very disappointing that such a statement would be made about another candidate without approaching me directly to ask me why I would take certain stances or learn the facts behind my view of IGNITE, which would prove that I am not running to “bash IGNITE” whatsoever.

I also believe that directors should be open to new ideas and want to work together. Talking about someone behind their back on social media is not an effective way to build a cohesive team and unite a body that should work on behalf of students.

Additionally, I find the implication that having a differing opinion from someone means they would make your life “hell” is not a great approach to have when looking to be a director. When and if we are elected, the board must find compromise and settle things civilly, democratically and with the best interests of students in mind.

Lastly, I finds that one genuinely only runs for an elected position if they believe they can improve the quality of life for the people they represent. If everything is perfect, why run? I am running on a platform for Real Action and I look forward to students joining me later today and electing me to the Board of Directors.

I have reached out directly to Damen with the hope of connecting and sorting this out. Above all else, I hope that we can come to an understanding and, should we both be elected to the Board of Directors, be responsible leaders with integrity and honesty.

Below is a transcript of what Damen Bell said Thursday evening on Instagram, shortly after myself and Guelph-Humber candidate Alessandra Giorgi hosted an Instagram Live:

So, I am just going to make this real quick. So I’m not going to name names but there’s this one person that I really disagree with their platforms — they’re not even running for GH, they’re running for North. And, I just want to make it clear that Humber made it a smoke-free campus a year ago. I just want to throw that out there. They also really bash IGNITE a lot, so if you want to make my life hell, vote that person in.