Eli Ridder

Hello and welcome to my application for the joint-Communications Intern position at Onside Athletics and Church of the City. 


To the potential employer,

I believe my corporate experience in Christian communications, evolving marketing skill-set and proven adaptability allows me to be the top choice for the individual you are looking to fulfill the position you are offering.

My formal experience within my University of Guelph-Humber Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies with a specialization in Journalism, internship at World Renew and my role as editor-in-chief at The Avro Post student publication has given me the toolkit to engage in communications, teamwork, and management.

Informal experience such as my work with Atlas News, Nova News and Berning Media Network has really expanded my skills with social media and targeting my audience.

Thank you for your consideration,

Eli Ridder



Paid Communications Intern
World Renew
Jan. 2018 to Present
Marketing, communications, editing, story writing


The Avro Post
Oct. 2017 to Present
Journalism: Reports, investigative


Temporary Work
Staff Plus, Liberty, Randstad
April 2017 to Present
Labor, factory work



Senior Coach at Onside Athletics
Summers 2015 & 2016
Sports camp staff

Store Clerk at Zehrs Imperial
March to August 2015
Stuffed bags, tendered carts

Camp Counselor at ‘Camp Shalom’
Summers 2013 & 2014
Took care of ages 5 to 15, special needs


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