Vote Ridder: Improved Accessibility

Vote Ridder from March 9 to 13.


We’ve made a good start, but Humber College isn’t quite there yet.

Humber is dedicated to being 100 per cent AODA compliant by 2025 — meaning it would be up to snuff according to Ontario accessibility rules. But why wait around for Humber to get it done? IGNITE has already done some great work in terms of advocating for accessibility on campus and getting a few things done, which is amazing. As your director, I will advocate to keep the effort going with new energy.


The current IGNITE president was elected twice on a platform that included improving accessibility on campus. Her initiatives included in-person focus groups and an accessibility survey that anyone could participate in. There have even been some changes on campus as a result (source).


There is a lot of research out there for accessible buildings.

I have heard from students like Sam who uses a wheelchair that there are issues such as ramps that are too steep inside and outside the building. Other students, such as an interior designer that is graduating and will work for an architectural company in the United States, have told me there are solutions to these issues.

For example, the bathrooms in the Learning Resource Commons that split into female and male entrances from a single hallway are not adequate for those who are visually impaired. There should be braille signs on the

As your director, I will consult with you (students) and others (such as industry experts) to find the best path forward for a truly accessible campus.


One of three major values that I hold during this campaign is collaboration. I have heard that IGNITE can improve as a bridge-builder on campus. As your director, I will connect with various stakeholders on campus and as many of you as possible to implement the changes that are needed. And this doesn’t mean just changes for those that may identify as disabled but also those who are able-bodied. I want to look at solutions like the Campus Compass and see where we can improve.

A vice president during the 2018-2019 term had the great idea of an app that would show live parking updates — ie. is a lot full? Is there a way to implement this very useful function into Campus Compass? These are questions that I will ask and seek real action solutions for.

As your director, I will advocate for a more accessible campus for all students.