Eli Ridder

Advanced Journalism, Humber College with expected graduation Spring 2021.

I am a team player and a driven individual. Whether in journalism, public relations or any kind of work, I can be given an objective or create my own goals to effectively carry out the misison or a company or individual.

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Hello, I am a hard working and passionate freelance journalist who lives by the standard of unbiased, quality journalism and honest editorials. While I am in school, I have delved into many projects and assignments in my field including starting independent news organizations and being a top correspondent for many.

Check out my full CV here

On this site, you can find articles I have highlighted as my best, along with other projects and media consultation work.

If you are looking for a writer knowledgeable in world events, conflicts, Canadian and world politics, as well as local and humanity stories, I am your journalist.

I am also proficient with Wix site builder and have built several different modifications to a website as I moved it around from The New Union to Atlas News to UBC News and back to The New Union. Now, I update and run a website for The Anon Journal.

Graphic Design

Through my work with the several independent media outlets mentioned above and others I have partnered with, along with growing social media accounts, I have had the oppurtunity to grow my graphic design portfolio.

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