Source: Past incidents occurred at Fordson

The alleged rape that occurred on Oct 9 at Fordson High School in Michigan was not the first assault the school has suffered, according to a student source. 

A separate individual who asked to remain anonymous told the Journal that this is a “bigger issue in Fordson athletics.”

Three different people confirmed that last year members of the baseball team held a peer down and administered a “hand job”.

The student explained that there was a culture of silence due to it being an Arab community. The source said that “everyone cares about their ‘reputation’.”

“So many girls have been touched inappropriately by other guys and were called liars when they [came] forward,” the source explained.

“They told football players if they spoke out they’d be suspended off the team.”

The student said that “we want what happened to be heard. We want justice for the victim.”

More details to follow. 


By Eli Ridder

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist. He founded The Avro Post in October 2017. He has reported for several online and print publications.
Feel free to connect at ELIRIDDER@ICLOUD.COM or at ELIRIDDER.CA

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