Cancelled: Payne leak from Anonymous

The Operations Division of The Anon Journal was set to release the personal information of controversial United States Detective Jeff Payne. 

Why was the release cancelled?

Payne, of the Salt Lake City Police Department in the state of Utah, aggressively arrested a nurse after she refused to allow him to draw blood from an unconscious patient, which was captured by the officer’s body camera.

The release, now canceled, was to follow a series of successful “doxes” where the Journal have released personal phone numbers, emails and other contact points in retaliation to an individual’s actions or to promote a movement.

Recently, the Journal has leaked info on Ann Coulter and several US senators.

Nurse Alex Wubbels of the University of Utah Hospital said she was frightened when Payne forced her from the hospital on July 26 of this year.

Wubbels and her lawyers released the full body cam footage of the arrest on Sept 1, prompting a criminal investigation. As of Friday, Payne and another involved in the incident were put on paid leave for the duration of the investigation.

Wubbels, a former Olympic athlete, told the Associated Press that Payne “bullied me to the utmost extreme and nobody stood in his way.”

The American nurse said she was following her training and hospital protocols to protect the rights of a patient who could not speak for himself, due to being unconscious.

Multiple news agencies have attempted to reach Payne for comment via publicly listed phone numbers, but neither he nor the Salt Lake Police Association have responded to requests for a comment on the incident.

The police chief and mayor of Salt Lake City formally apologized and said city policies would be changed in accordance with the protocols Wubbels was abiding by during the incident.

The Anon Journal’s Editor-in-Chief and Operations head, Rob Pfieffer, said that the release of Payne’s information is meant as a warning for police who engage in criminal acts.

“A member of Anonymous entrusted us with disclosing this information to the public with the intention of warning police officers who break the law that they will be hunted down and exposed to the masses,” Mr Pfieffer said, previous to the operative disappearing.

“There are no exceptions. Anonymous is coming after all who break the trust of the people. Expect Anonymous, always.”

Video: Arrest of Wubbels

Video from the Salt Lake Tribune YouTube, a local newspaper

What happened?

Jeff Payne arrived at the hospital and requested that nurse Alex Wubbels draw blood from an unconscious man who was involved in a collision that resulted in the death of a motorist who was resisting arrest.

According to multiple reports, on July 26, reserve police officer William Gray was driving a semi-truck in northern Utah before a suspect fleeing Utah Highway Patrol slammed into his truck head-on.

Video: Dash cam of truck crash

Video from KUTV2 News Youtube, a local news broadcaster

Wubbels was following protocol and not allowing Payne to order her to draw blood from the likely Mr Gray. Payne had no permit and therefore no legal grounds to do so.

However, as she resisted his request, Payne unlawfully arrested her and brought her, as Wubbels screamed for assistance and physically resisted, outside to his vehicle.

The response on social media has been largely supportive of Wubbels.

More details to follow.

Eli Ridder, Managing Editor

The Anon Journal 

Note: On September 10, The Anon Journal will be launching its official Press Division as the first ever Anonymous world news service, complete with full articles and around the clock coverage of global and domestic events. To learn more about this, stay tuned to The Anon Journal Press Twitter by clicking here.

By Eli Ridder

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist. He founded The Avro Post in October 2017. He has reported for several online and print publications.
Feel free to connect at ELIRIDDER@ICLOUD.COM or at ELIRIDDER.CA

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