Daily Stormer disappears

After being booting from hosting services GoDaddy and Google Domains, the extreme right and Nazi website the Daily Stormer could not be found at their previous web address as of Tuesday. 

The Anon Journal, one the most active and largest Anonymous accounts, noted this at 2:12 pm EST.

Early on Monday morning, the Stormer posted an article saying that Anonymous had taken over the website.

Although appearing unsure at first whether it was an Anonymous action, The Anon Journal and Your Anon News, two of the largest Twitter accounts affiliated with the loose organization, quickly made clear that it was likely a claim by the website to trick Anonymous.

After public outcry following the Charlottesville rally, which the site endorsed and advertised, web hosting service GoDaddy said the Daily Stormer had 24 hours to find a new host for violating its terms of service.

The post that is attributed to violating GoDaddy’s terms called the woman killed by a car attack while protesting in Charlottesville on Saturday a “fat, childless 32-year-old sl*t”.

Heather Heyes, 32, died after being hit by a vehicle driven by a white nationalist into a crown of peaceful counter-protesters to the far right rally that took place on Saturday.

“We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service,” read a tweet from GoDaddy.

After being kicked from the hosting service, the Stormer subsequently moved to Google Domains by Monday morning.

Anonymous called on Google to take the website down.

“You cannot afford another scandal. Do not allow yourselves to host a website that advocates for terrorism. #TakeStormerDown.”

On Monday afternoon, The Anon Journal said CNBC news agency had informed them that the Stormer was being removed from Google Domains for violating its terms of service.

Featured image of the Daily Stormer website on August 14 from Eli Ridder. 

More details to follow. By Eli Ridder, Senior Correspondent 

By Eli Ridder

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist. He founded The Avro Post in October 2017. He has reported for several online and print publications.
Feel free to connect at ELIRIDDER@ICLOUD.COM or at ELIRIDDER.CA

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