Not again….

Once again, the Guelph Updater has to come to an end, at least with daily reports.

My revival effort has hopefully not been in vain, but it needs to end due to my eight hour shift in a job that isn't my field whatsoever: a factory.

I also run The New Union, and I will soon be a busy student once again, although I think I will have more time then.

So, for now, the Guelph Updater will become a more detailed analysis source that examines deeper stories, but more occasionally.

Thank you for sticking with me as I tried to turn the GU into something worthwhile.

I love Guelph and I hope to one day work full time as a journalist.

The GU will be back.

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1 thought on “Not again….

  1. 24 Jul 2017 — 4:39 pm

    Thanks for your ongoing work with this.. .your shift in focus makes sense with your new adventures… which I wish you the best of luck with! James

    Looking out for the little guy


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